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Breeders Special | The Science Behind Breeders Special

An insight into the science behind "Breeders Special"-:

  • Zinc. Probably the most widely used mineral in the body in terms of the number of complex physiological functions it is involved in and the second most abundant 'bodily' mineral after Iron has been shown by recent research that it is present in over 300 enzymes providing critical catalytic functions. It is essential for growth, normal development of reproductive organs, in pregnancy, the immune system, healing and the production/repair mechanisms in RNA/DNA. Before copulation, both the Mare and the Stallion have a need for adequate supplies of Zinc to ensure maximum fertility and to keep the immune system in peak condition. During pregnancy the amniotic fluid surrounding the foetus has zinc present to provide a pathogen free barrier. As the foetus grows, the development of the Thymus gland is not possible without adequate supplies of Zinc. In foals and adults, Zinc is required for the production of Thymulin needed for "T" Lymphocyte maturation. These "T" cells fight viral, fungal and autoimmune infections. Whilst growing, the foal has an increased need for Zinc to aid normal development of the bones, nervous system, immune system and sexual organs. Zinc is not readily absorbed from vegetable sources hence; "Breeders Special" uses Zinc M.A.A.C. for ease of utilisation. This form takes account of the fact that other forms of Zinc are inhibited in their absorption by the presence of Phytic acid found in whole grain cereals.
  • Manganese. An essential micronutrient that we are still in the process of uncovering the full range of metabolic functions it is involved in. Currently, we know that it is slowly absorbed in a similar manner to Iron and competes for active sites in the horse’s digestive environment with Cobalt and Iron. "Breeders Special" overcomes these problems by containing Manganese Amino Acid Chelate for rapid absorption. However, it is the properties of Manganese in the following areas that are most noteworthy in an equine environment-: This mineral is present in a number of enzymes and as "activators" of others. Manganese Superoxide Dismutase is the principal antioxidant enzyme in the Mitochondria – the powerhouse of the body’s cells. 90% of the oxygen used by cells is consumed by the mitochondria; hence they are susceptible to "oxygen stress" if insufficient Manganese is available. Manganese deficiency can also lead to abnormal skeletal development. It is the preferred co-factor of enzymes called glycosyltransferase that are required for the synthesis of proteoglycans required for the formation of healthy bone and cartilage. Wound healing requires an increase in the production of Collagen. Manganese is required for the activation of prolidase an enzyme that functions to provide the amino acid Proline for collagen formation in skin cells. This and other large quantities of 'good science' form the basis of all other Ardmore Equine Products.

All of our products meet Jockey club, FEI & HSI rules & regulations and have no withdrawal period.

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