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The knowledge and use of Phyto-nutrients has progressed from the "trial and error" times and methods of our ancestors, readily recorded in a multitude of "anecdotal texts", to "true scientific evaluation & data availability". The evaluation, analysis and application of this data requires considerable expertise, hence the Consultants in Human & Animal Nutrition, Bio-chemistry, Phyto-chemistry and Phyto-biology retained by the Company. Their main function being the formulation of all the Company’s products and the provision of expert knowledge for customers/clients specific requests or problems. Equally, the final proof of the competence of the products rests with how effective they are in practise. On this basis the Company retains the services of a number of highly qualified Veterinarians who supervise all trials conducted in-house and by exterior evaluation. Where necessary, we are able to call upon our close association with specialised university departments and animal hospitals.

All raw materials used in Ardmore products are from fully accredited sources and to the highest standards. Hence we insist on using only certified medical quality raw materials and adhere to the principles of F.E.M.A.S. Through the U.K.A.S laboratories who undertake all microbiological testing for us, we statistically sample and test all final products and their components. This provides constant monitoring and maintenance of the quality of the products throughout their life-cycle from conception to end-usage.

"A Company is only as good as its latest innovative product" (providing that the service level is professional). Ardmore maintains that tenet to a very high order. Consequently, a considerable amount of resources are directed to updating phyto databases and keeping abreast of the latest research into animal nutrition and related fields. In conjunction with our own internal researches, this allows the Company be at the forefront of developments in the fields in which it operates, update products where noticeable advantage would be provided to the customers and rapidly bring forth new, but fully researched products when required. Forward thinking is the key to our speedy and efficient response.

Service Level:
Good communication is the "linchpin" of the organisation and the most visible aspect experienced by the customer. It brings them face-to face with a number of different facets of the Company and can rapidly lead to enhancement of the relationship or its erosion.

Ardmore, being a closely integrated family Company, has communication links that are short, rapid and precise. Hence we are able to speedily handle your queries, whether general or technical. We will always come back to you within the time scale agreed, whether or not we have the complete answer you require? What we realise that you are entitled to regular progress reports and in a number of cases have to provide answers to others.

All of our products meet Jockey club, FEI & HSI rules & regulations and have no withdrawal period.

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About Us
Ardmore is a family owned and run business. It was started in 1975 and is situated in County Waterford, south-east Ireland. more
Product Range
Our products are targeted specifically towards the nutriment requirements required for successful Breeding, Rearing, Training and Performance and have been fully evaluated by our own team of Veterinary Consultants. more
Greyhound Nutrition
We have a range of products which have been designed for high performance in greyhounds or salukis. If you require more information, please visit our greyhound nutrition website.
Ardmore are experts in the area of camel nutrition. For further information in relation to our camel nutrition products, please visit our camel nutrition website.
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