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Jet XL

All the products briefly described below, have formulations that are derived from the latest scientific research and discoveries into Phytoceuticals and applied to equine nutrition and the corresponding phyto-chemistry. They are targeted specifically towards the nutriment requirements required for successful Breeding, Rearing, Training and Performance and have been fully evaluated by our own team of Veterinary Consultants.

Bleed Free
Protects delicate capillaries whilst increasing their elasticity. Reduces the 'stickyness' of the blood and red blood cells specifically.

Blood Booster Liquid & Gel
Blood Booster is a liquid nutritional product providing the trophic requirements from Phytonutrients and other natural sources specifically to support and maintain the natural circulatory system and blood condition.

Blow Free
A specially formulated natural nutritional tonic to 'feed' Race Horses in hard training or racing conditions for the maintenance of the respiratory system.

Breeders Special
Breeders Special is a mineral & vitamin supplement with phytonutrients and amino acids, scientifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of mares, foals, young stock & horses in sales preparation.

Classic Hoof
A highly bio-available product, formulated to nutritionally support the horse’s own requirements in hoof maintenance.

Electo Aid Gel
A mineral tonic providing all the 5 essential minerals in a palatable gel base that are lost during racing/hard training, hence preventing deviation from the normal levels of these nutrients.

Electo Aid Powder
Helps the restoration and maintenance of the crucial ionic balances in race horses, these being frequently disturbed under stressful, hard training and racing conditions.

A 'breakthrough' formulation, and natural in composition. 'F-C-R' as a nutritional supplement itself represents a great improvement by promoting the efficiency of nutritional uptake and utilisation from all sources.

A totally new and natural nutritional concept in equine nutritional management relating to equine stress and the potential of consequential ulcers. Gastro works synergistically with the horse’s normal bodily processes and does not interfere in anyway with the stomach’s acid pump.

Jet XL
A scientifically formulated product containing MCT Oils ie Medium Chain Triglycerides of known energy benefits added with both forms of Co-enzyme 91 0 (Ubiquinol Acetate + Ubiquinone)

Trace Boost Liquid
A nutritional blend of metal amino acid chelates, amino acids & vitaminS, all at therapeutic levels and designed to be fed in association with complete feeds or concentrates to ensure the performance horse reaches its maximum potential.

Representing the ultimate in mineral supplement technology and scientifically formulated to be a high strength, fast-acting and pallatable product specific for mares & young stock with their specific mineral nutrient needs.

Trainers Special
A scientifically formulated mineral & vitamin tonic supplement in association with amino-acids and phytonutrients, designed specifically to meet all the micro-nutrient dietetic needs of the performance horse under all circumstances.

Trainers Special Gel
All the components in Trainers Special GEL are incorporated in a low molecular weight natural high calorific value energy oil, essential for the efficient absorption of the Vitamin E, but itself a readily available source of energy for that pre-race boost.

Voiding Powder
The classic product formulated to provide a complete assemblage on nutrients essential for the maintenance and functioning of equine waste disposal systems.




All of our products meet Jockey club, FEI & HSI rules & regulations and have no withdrawal period.

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Ardmore is a family owned and run business. It was started in 1975 and is situated in County Waterford, south-east Ireland. more
Product Range
Our products are targeted specifically towards the nutriment requirements required for successful Breeding, Rearing, Training and Performance and have been fully evaluated by our own team of Veterinary Consultants. more
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