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Electo Aid Powder | The Science Behind Electo Aid Powder

Essential minerals, when lost from the horse under the rigours of hard training, racing, or the stresses of travelling to and from venues, require rapid replacement. These 'special situations' lead to metabolic rates operating above normal levels, extra heat and waste generated and with a corresponding increase in natural excretion functions. "Electo-Aid Powder" contains all the essential minerals to supplement the horse before hard training or races and to ensure that afterwards, dehydration or mineral depletion are minimised.

Ionic balances in the horses, are delicate and intricate mechanisms, hence "Electo-Aid Powder" contains Sodium, Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium & Manganese in readily assimilable forms to counteract these situations and aid 'Ionic Mineral Normalisation'.

Principal Property Summary-:

  • Helps to prevent dehydration and mineral loss.
  • Highly soluble for addition to feed or water.
  • Available in an energy rich base.
  • Highly Palatable.

All of our products meet Jockey club, FEI & HSI rules & regulations and have no withdrawal period.

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