Blood Booster Paste


5 x 30g syringes. The ultimate red blood cell promoter

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  • provides the nutritional requirements for all stages of development and production for optimum R.B.C. levels.
  • a “quick release” formulation containing copper and iron as M.a.a.C.S.’, folic acid, B vitamins, cobalt and additional ingredients to boost R.B.C. levels under all the conditions that performance horses operate in the ideal product for horses recovering from illness anaemia or other similar debilitating conditions.
  • blood booster is a haematinic product, available in two forms, either as a highly palatable liquid, or a handy gel in a syringe with a high energy, fast-acting basal source providing that necessary extra “boost” to give the performance horse that “vital edge” .
  • ensures the maintenance of optimum oxygen parameters and the supply to the muscles to boost and maintain maximum power.
  • mares, both pre and post foaling will benefit from the product along with foals, also stallions prior to covering.

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5 x 30g syringes


5 day course