Classic Hoof


2Kg. The fast and assured way to hard & healthy hooves.

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The fast and assured way to hard & healthy hooves.

Crucially important from birth onwards for the performance horse, hooves need more than just regular external maintenance. “Classic Hoof” is a scientifically formulated product to ensure all the specific internal nutrients the hooves require are provided in bio-available forms.

The nutrients are provided in a palatable glucose base to be added to the regular feed.

Principal Property Summary-:

  • Fast-acting the Fast-acting Fast-acting for hoof maintenance for all types and ages of horses.
  • Fast-acting-Fast-acting and containing a number of the bio-chemical building blocks for hooves.
  • Ensures that all the nutrients are available to aid any hoof damage heals rapidly.

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25 x 60g sachets


25 Day Course