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5 x 30g syringes.

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“Trainers Special” is a scientifically formulated Mineral & Vitamin supplement with Phyto-nutrients and Amino acids, designed specifically to meet the needs of the PERFORMANCE HORSE.

“Trainers Special” provides all the essential trace elements, micro-nutrients and building blocks that horses under hard training and racing conditions consume at above normal rates to aid the maintenance of their major organs and physiological functions.

Horses the World overgraze on pasture whose phytonutrients and grasses reflect the mineral content determined by the underlying geology. In a number of cases, this is not advantageous, as “undesirable” minerals can tie up or displace essential ones used in the horse‚Äôs metabolic processes with deleterious effects. “Trainers Special” has been specially designed to take most of those disadvantages into account.

Principal Property Summary-:

  • FOOD CONVERSION (FCR) enhanced, allowing maximum advantage from all nutritional intake.
  • BLOOD PARAMETERS maintenance through the provision of essential requirements.
  • Normal LIVER function supported with phytonutrients.
  • Extensive MUSCLE PROTECTION by the provision of multi-functional ANTIOXIDANTS
  • Reduced incidence of the muscles TYING UP (Azoturia).

Associated Property Summary-:

  • A healthy IMMUNE SYSTEM supported by phytonutrients inclusion.
  • Aids faster recovery from VIRAL or other debilitating conditions.

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5 x 30g syringes


5 week supply